MEET MELISSA (she/her)

Optimist. Connector . Hope Seeker. Helper. Counselor. Child Therapist. Registered Social Worker. Mama. Human.

Melissa often introduces herself as “ A Social Worker by trade”, but a creative work, life and educational experience has equipped her with a unique skills set to work as a supportive and safe therapist for children, youth and families.

Melissa has worked for nine years as a helper, counselor and social worker. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and is a registered social worker with the Manitoba Institue of Registered Social Workers. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Education (Counseling Psychology). Melissa is nearing the completion of a three-year certificate in Play Therapy Through the Canadian Association of Child and Play Therapy (CACPT). Melissa is a member of CACPT and a Manitoba Ambassador for CACPT.

Melissa prides herself on her gentle and authentic approach to therapy. She believes we are all human, simply doing the best we can and that our struggles do not define us. The values of humility, love, and integrity are grounding beliefs for Melissa as a counselor. It is our stories that connect us, and telling them, working with them and playing them out bring us hope and new understandings. Melissa also believes in the principles of mindfulness and the ability for individuals to develop healthy coping strategies through their own learning and therapy.