Our Process

It all starts with a conversation! Let’s talk.

Call, E-mail or text to set up an intake consultation (this can be in person or on the phone).

When you call we will ask you about what the current day to day looks like. What has made today the day that you reached out to us? Also, what is it your looking towards as a goal? Is there a behavior or problem you would like to solve? After we get a sense of what it is you are looking for, we will share with you how Growing Roots Therapy may be a fit and what specifically we could do to help.

We will also encourage you to check with your insurance coverage as you may be eligible to have your services covered through your benefits. If you are involved with any other community agencies such as Victim’s Compensation, Manitoba Public Insurance or Child and Family Services agencies you can inquire about potential coverage.

We know that making the first call to a counsellor/therapist is difficult. It can be cloaked with stigma, shame or a sense of failure, especially if our children are struggling. We know what it feels like to be vulnerable and reach out for help. We promise to be gentle in our approach and honor you by starting where you and your family are at the moment.

After the intake consultation if we decide to proceed with therapy we will book you an appointment. There will be an intake form we will ask you to fill out.

Appointments are 50 minutes long and occur in our office. Sometimes we will see children independently or we may ask to see parents and children together. Sessions will involve creative elements such as sandtray, puppetry, or structured art or play activities.

Together with the child, youth and family , we will establish therapeutic goals and a general timeline of working towards them will be discussed.